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Paws and Claws Care

15 Wordsworth Drive, Kenilworth, 


07895 670915



Responsibly kept pets contribute to

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My Service


At Paws And Claws, you and your pets become part of our family.

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for work or going on a vacation, now you can leave with peace of mind because your pet will be in good hands. I will provide nothing but the best of love, care and attention for your dogs.

Dog Walking 9 -5

30 min walk

1 hour walk

Dog Walking with a variety of time frames. Walks are tailored to your Dog's age and fitness requirements

 I can walk your dog in the woods or at a favourite park, wherever your beloved dog requires. As a professional business I have your dog’s welfare and safety at heart. For safety and security your pet remains on a lead at all times. I use flexi leads to give them as much freedom as possible.

I never walk with a pack of dogs my maximum group walk is 2 + my dog at a time, the dogs will have already been socialised together so already friends.

I limit my group walks, unlike some walkers, to ensure adequate attention is given to your dog at all times, while providing social interaction and play for your dog.

0-4 mile radius longer distances over 4 miles 45p per mile.


I also offer a very personal one-to-one walk for your dog if you prefer.

Solo Dog Walking 9 - 5

30 min walk

1 hour walk


I walk Small to Medium breeds only, though I will home visit larger breeds for feeding, toilet breaks, and affection.

In special cases where I walk some larger breeds on same day as a pop in service they would incur a small surcharge for walking.

(ie larger dogs in a group or solo for a 1 hour walk).


Dog Daycare

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm  Group boarding

(every hour or after 6pm additional surcharge)

 Ideal for Owners who have to leave their dog alone for large parts of the day.

We will plan together what is best for your dogs needs. Dogs enjoy the socialisation as they are naturally pack animals. We will of course pop in or arrange a meet and greet here to see your dog and check on its temperament, to ensure it will fit in with other day care dogs in my diary. We only take on family and dog friendly pets so all visitors are safe and secure. The dogs get to play, interact, exercise and rest to suit what they need.

Weekends and Bank Holidays may incur a small surcharge.


Solo Daycare

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm (By arrangement)

I also offer a very personal one-to-one daycare service where yours will be the only dog.

(subject to availability)


Dog 'Parking' Service

Weekday Daytime per hour.

Evenings and Weekends & Bank Holidays may incur a small surcharge.

When you need to pop out to an appointment for a couple of hours and want to ensure your dog is safe and happy, I offer by pre arrangement a short time 'parking' service.  Please check with me that this is possible for the timings you need.


Home Boarding

Dog Boarding - per day up to 24 hours 

Weekend Friday evening to Sunday evening 

 Overnight stays for your small to medium dog in the comfort of my home. Your dog will become part of our family and feel right at home. I only board 2 or 3 dogs at a time (4 maximum if 2 from same family) for limited periods a year. So please book early to avoid disappointment.

You can go away with the knowledge your dog is getting the best of attention and not cooped up in kennels barking all day with anxiety until it has a sore throat on your return.

Dogs to be dropped off and collected at pre-agreed times.


Dog Boarding - Solo Service

Exclusive overnight stays for your small to medium dog in the comfort of my home. Your dog will be the only guest.


Pet sitting in their own home

Dedicated visits to your home to look after your pet while you are away from home. We recommend a minimum of twice a day,

Animals need routine, and disruption can cause your pet anxiety. Allow your pets to stay at home, enjoying the comfort of familiar sights sounds and smells. Cats in particular are known to be highly stressed when they are in unfamiliar territory. Our personalised service allows your cat to remain in the security and comfort of their own home.
Don’t place your animals in stressful and unfamiliar territory. Rather than placing your pets in strange kennels or imposing on neighbours and friends, use our professional pet sitting service. We will make daily visits to the house to feed your pets, water any plants, collect the mail and walk the dog for you whilst you are away. Our customised visits can also include brushing, litter box scooping and changing, giving necessary medication, and playing with your pets.


Feed visits Dogs & Cats 'Pop in' service

Quick Potty Break, short visits.  -  

10 minutes 0-4 mile radius, Additional Fees are applied for extended distances of 45p per mile.

There are times when you can't always be around to make sure that your beloved pet is well fed, watered and has been to the toilet.

I will also give your pet any medication as and when required.


Home Visits and Playtime extended visits.

30 mins - 

60 mins - 

Sadly some dogs are too old and infirm to go for walks, but they do need and enjoy company. I have customers who will phone me if they have to go out for the day and cannot take their dog with them, I call in and give them their dinner and stay for half an hour or longer, depending on how long they are going to be out I can visit more than once. I will let your pet outside to do their business and check there is plenty of water.

Prices based on 0-4 mile radius longer distances over 4 miles 45p per mile and up to 3 pets to be looked after. Additional pets at a small surcharge.


Puppy visits

 - 20 mins visit once a day

 - 20 mins visit twice a day

Young puppies will benefit from visits to break up their day and help with housetraining.

0-4 mile radius, Additional Fees are applied for extended distances of 45p per mile.

What's involved?

 In a typical visit, we will perform any essential puppy maintenance that is required - such as feeding, watering, administration of drugs, medicine or ear drops, as well as cleaning up any mess that your puppy may have made. The remainder of the visit is spent playing with and cuddling your puppy. Our goal is to leave them happy, content, tired and clean!

How many visits?

It depends on the dog and the hours that you work. Our clients who work a typical nine-to-five day will typically request two visits (mid-morning and late afternoon), although depending on the puppy one daily lunchtime visit may suffice. If you work longer hours than this, we definitely recommend two or more visits per day. Remember that time passes a lot more slowly for dogs than it does for humans, even more so for puppies.

Extra benefits

While we are checking on your pet, we will open curtains, turn on lights, bring in post, parcels, milk and put out your wheelie bin.

Prices based on 0-4 mile radius longer distances over 4 miles 45p per mile and up to 3 pets to be looked after. Additional pets at a small surcharge.


Pet Taxi

Single Journey (4 mile radius) 

Return Journey (4 mile radius) 

Additional Mileage (over 4 miles) £0.45 per mile

Waiting Time per hour pro rata

Assistance in transporting your pet to and from appointments.


Prices are for first dog, second dogs at the same time are at a 50% discount.


Outcall visits are based on an area of 0-4 miles from CV8 2TB longer distances charged at 45p per mile.

Weekends and Bank Holidays incur a small surcharge.

Is every dog suitable for home dog boarding?

No. We provide a family environment which is only suitable for friendly, family dogs. We cannot take any dog which shows any aggressive tendencies, or has any record of aggression towards humans or other dogs. All dogs must be obedient, calm, balanced and non-aggressive. We can cater for puppies as long as they are house trained. We cannot take any dogs that are destructive, bark excessively, have separation anxiety, or are incontinent. We cannot take any dogs that pull hard on the lead, or any entire dogs or bitches that are in season.

We will arrange a free home visit to meet your dog and check it is suitable to come for home boarding. Before I am able to accept any bookings I will need to carry out a FREE Home Visit. This is to establish trust with you and your dog.


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, we will need a copy of your vaccinations card. Your dog must also be wormed and treated for fleas. In the Summer we recommend anti-tick treatment to be used as well. Kennel cough vaccination is beneficial.


What should I provide for my dog’s happy holiday?

You will need to provide your dog’s food so he/she stays on the same diet. If your dog has fresh food as part of their diet you will need to provide this cooked and frozen. If your dog is on medication you will need to provide this, along with instructions of how to administer the medication. We advise that you provide some bedding that smells of home, to help your dog to settle into the home. You may also wish to provide treats, bowls, and toys to make the dog feel more at home.



Payments can be made in cash, by cheque (made payable to Janine Julien-Dinnes) or by bank transfer (please request account details if you wish to use this method of payment) & should be made prior to the commencement of the service (for example, at the beginning of every week). Should you become a regular client, I am happy for you to set up a standing order for regular (weekly or monthly) payments.



Services cancelled by clients at less than a week’s notice will be charged at the full rate.

Book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

To arrange an appointment please phone or email

07895 670915


We'll always try to respond to you as quickly as possible. If you use email I cannot guarantee it will be answered by return, it will be answered later that day. Sorry.


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